Inspired by English and French antiques our fine chandeliers lend themselves to both traditional and modern settings. Every design is customisable in the finish of your choice.

Visit our showroom to view our extensive range of finishes and other customisable design options.


Our extensive collection of lanterns is essential when creating a decorative lighting scheme. Handmade by skilled artisans in our shop discover a design fitting for your town or country home.

All our lights are handmade to order and we recommend you fully explore the various finishes and other design options available.


Mirrors have a long and noble history with the oldest surviving being over 8000 years old and made of polished Obsidian (volcanic glass).Today, an antique mirror elevates a room to become a focal point, one that reflects not only light but the history of the place. Find suitable mirror for your place from fado.

Antique Furniture

Fado's collection of antique furniture and vintage furniture incorporates some of the finest works available for sale in the world of antiques. The furniture on offer includes examples by leading historic furniture makers and designers works in an array of different styles, materials and techniques.


No interior space is complete without lighting fixtures. If you are looking to decorate your home with works of luxury and style, then look no further than the Fado Gallery collection of antique lighting. From the opulent beauty of hung chandeliers, to the stunning effect of large antique candelabra, the works of our antique lighting collection are sure to satisfy every taste.


Fado antiques offers an extensive collection of attractive and unique vintage style decorative products for the home and garden.